Token PSD2 Transforming the PSD2 threat into an opportunity for banks

Token provides software to banks to mitigate the security risks of allowing Third Party Providers accessing a bank's infrastructure. Further, banks avoid disintermediation and benefit from incremental new revenue.


Our Offerings

Token's new payment type for the digital era allows banks to offer new high-value services that increase revenue and reduce cost while providing their customers with a far better experience.

Token is designed to meet new and upcoming regulatory compliance demands such as PSD2/XS2A in the European Union.

Online merchants using Token drastically improve the customer experience which translates into higher conversion rates. Paying with couldn’t be any easier. In a single click, the merchant is paid and receives the customer’s shipping information - even for new unregistered customers. No entering 16-digit numbers, expiration dates and security codes. No usernames, passwords or payment card details to be stolen.

Use Token to collect payments for your ad-hoc, or recurring bills. Whether electronic bills, or paper bills, Token offers fast, secure and low cost billing. Get paid sooner and rest assured that the payment and payment meta data always stay together. No more reconciling payments with account, or order numbers, etc.

Integrate Token with your e-commerce checkout experience. Add the Token Pay Now button to your electronic bills, or the QR-code to the paper bill. Heck, even create your own payment type to power your unique business model. We have several options to integrate Token with your billing infrastructure including a very simple, yet powerful API.

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