Compliance. Revenue. Security. Efficiency.

    With Token, banks quickly and easily address the PSD2 compliance needs and solve the associated issues of security, disintermediation and loss of revenue.

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What is Token?

Unlike other solutions, Token's open API banking platform turns PSD2 into a growth engine for banks.

By putting banks in exclusive control of their own digital transaction network, Token empowers banks to establish immediate PSD2 compliance, generate revenues from Third Party Providers, maximise security and stave off disintermediation. With Token, banks participate in the success of new innovative business models created by third party developers.

Token is simple, versatile and easy to implement.

What is Token? What is Token?
  • Most Secure

    Most Secure

    Token uniquely combines smart tokenisation and public-key cryptography to provide the industry's simplest and most secure open banking API.

  • Increase Revenue

    Increase Revenue

    Token gives banks almost limitless potential to generate revenue, including charging PISPs and from the development of new and innovative digital transaction services delivered via its Token network.

  • Raise efficiency, reduce costs

    Raise efficiency, reduce costs

    Token’s ready-to-go open banking environment enables operational efficiency to be dramatically increased almost immediately. Investments in R&D, digital payments partners, compliance and integration are reduced or eliminated entirely.

  • Take control

    Take control

    Token eliminates the bank’s need to rely on partners to execute digital transactions and launch new services, making them immune to competitive encroachment and disintermediation. The bank’s brand remains front and centre at all times.

  • Snap to Integrate

    Snap to Integrate

    The Token software is flexible, fast and simple to integrate with legacy systems, enabling banks to launch new digital transaction services faster than ever before.

  • Compliance


    Token provides an instant springboard for banks to establish PSD2 compliance and capitalise on the new payments environment created by the regulation.

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