Aggregate Customer Account Data With a Single Request

Quick, secure account aggregation

Use the TokenOS API to access your clients’ information such as account balance and transaction history from their accounts at other banks. Then present your clients with a powerful aggregated overview of all accounts. Develop your own PFM capabilities, or partner with a Fintech. Either way, simply connect it with TokenOS.

PSD2 AISP account data aggregation

Account aggregation benefits


Retain customers

Create the go-to place for your customers to view and analyze their finances.


Attract corporate clients

Provide your corporate clients with a single view to all their holdings.


Access all banks with one API

Banks that join only maintain a single API reducesing cost and headaches.


Comply with PSD2 and GDPR

TokenOS is built to comply with PSD2 and GDPR. Token even conforms with local adaptations of PSD2.


Never store usernames & passwords

No need to worry about storing your clients’ usernames and passwords. TokenOS uses digital signatures.

Powered by smart tokenisation

You connect with TokenOS by using the rich, yet simple API. After your clients link their bank accounts with Token, they are available for you to access. Of course your access needs to be authorised by the account owner.

Each accessed bank account is represented by a smart token. The smart token is an authorisation to access a bank account given certain terms and conditions. In this case, it's limited to only access account balance and transaction history (no payments possible), for a specific party, with an expiration date, etc.



Register as an AISP

The European Banking Authority requires that you are a registered Account Information Service Provider. Visit the 'competent authority' in your Member State for more details.


Connect with TokenOS

Register is as easy as making an API call using our SDK. This will onboard you and create your private/public keypair.


Develop PFM app

Build your own, or partner with one of the many great Fintechs in this area.



Make sure to test your integration.
First in a sandbox environment and then with a few select customers.


Go Live!

Roll out the service to your entire customer base.

Schedule a personal demo

One of our friendly staff members will schedule a demonstration with you immediately.