Receive Money Faster. Reconcile With Ease.

Supplier payments with ease

With Token as a payment instrument, a supplier specifies payment terms and conditions. Payment terms can be anything desired by the supplier and are then approved by the buyer. Payment and payment terms always stay together. Payments are completed over regular push payment rails. A supplier has instant access to payment terms for reconciliation purposes. Combined with the Token Authorisation Manager, complex payment authorisation rules are easily defined and enforced.

Supplier payment invoice

B2B benefits


Faster time to funds

Supplier specified payment terms are enforced.


Easy reconciliation

Meta data associated with each specific payment is easily accessible.


Access all banks with one API

Your B2B payment applications run at all Token participating banks.

Powered by smart tokenisation

Suppliers integrate TokenOS with their ERP. Invoices reference smart tokens. Buyers authorise smart token payments and the supplier then requests a payment from the buyer’s bank by redeeming the smart token. Suppliers and buyers onboard with Token and the integration is light.



Connect with TokenOS

Register is as easy as making an API call using Token's SDK. This will onboard you and create the private/public keypair.


Integrate with ERP system

Integrate the TokenOS SDK with your ERP (or use one of the available integrations) to seamlessly fit in with your current business processes.



Make sure to test your integration. First in a sandbox environment and then with a few select customers.


Go live!

Roll out the service to your entire customer base.

Schedule a personal demo

One of our friendly staff members will schedule a demonstration with you immediately.