Access broadest bank coverage and richest functionality.

Tokenโ€™s standardised, open API connects developers to over 3,300 banks and the tools to build data aggregation and payment solutions across a range of use cases.

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Our solution

TokenOS is hosted in the cloud, allowing developers to easily access the infrastructure they need to deliver lower cost payments, new payment propositions, richer customer spend data and a better user experience for their customers.

Reduce friction

Deliver frictionless bank direct payments and Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) user experience.

Easy integration

Open source SDKs, which interacts with our open banking REST/gRPC API.

Deepen customer insights

Leverage greater insight into customer spend to create new propositions.

Increase security

Eliminate the need for sharing payment credentials or revealing โ€˜shared secretsโ€™.

How it works

To start making Token API calls, developers download the latest Token SDK and set up a client.

To start accepting payments or accessing information using TokenOS, developers first create a Token member account and the back-end service will use this memberโ€™s credentials to initiate API calls and request Smart Tokens for payments and information access.

Token is designed to take advantage of asymmetric cryptography, eliminating the need for credentials and shared secrets and offering significant security benefits over schemes such as OAuth. End-to-end security eliminates the risk of mass credential leakage, and allows authentication and verification of requests at each step of the process.

Dive in to the documentation.

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