Lower costs and open new markets with direct access to customer accounts.

Token connects merchants directly with their customers’ accounts, for both direct payments and access to information. This means lower costs, less friction and a better customer experience. Conversion rates and cart values go up because of a better customer experience, while chargebacks are reduced.

A Snap to Integrate

TokenOS easily integrates with a merchant's website. With a simple SDK merchants get secure access to bank direct payments and account information. TokenOS delivers lower costs, new payment propositions, richer customer spend data and a better user experience for merchants.

Lower costs

Lower costs with bank direct payments.

Increase security

Eliminate the need for sharing payment credentials or revealing ‘shared secrets’.

Drive loyalty

Access customer spend data to develop loyalty propositions.

Offer flexible payment options

Increase sales conversion rates with new ways to pay, such as subscription payments.

New Payments Value Chain

The payments value chain today is marked by multiple players and complex pricing.

Open banking and direct access to customer accounts changes this. Token’s rich, yet simple API connects merchants directly with customer accounts to deliver a highly secure, frictionless experience.

The connection removes the need for merchants to store customer or bank details and provides the ‘one click’ checkout experience that customers are demanding.

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