Frictionless Payments on Behalf of Your Customers

Payment initiation done right

With Token, initiating payments on behalf of your customers is a breeze. As a Payment Initiation Service Provider (PISP) you can offer the bank direct payment option to your merchant, or corporate customers. By using the TokenOS API you have instant access to all banks participating in the Token network. Quick Checkout with Token can be added to a PISPs existing checkout options, or simply passed through for the merchant to add to their checkout page directly.

PSD2 PISP payment initiation

Payment initiation benefits


New revenue with higher conversion rate

Purchases are completed with a single click. Cart abandonment drops and purchases convert quickly.


You set the fee

As a PISP you set the merchant fee.


No PCI requirements

TokenOS security is based on public-key cryptography. No usernames, passwords, or one-time codes.


Delightful customer experience

1-click purchase at any participating online merchant. Secure, “tap-tap” authorisation on the smartphone.

Powered by smart tokenisation

The PISP onboards the Token network and adds the Token Quick Checkout widget to their checkout system. It involves only a few lines of code.

Payments are authorised using smart tokens. When a customer clicks to purchase, the PISP presents the customer (through the Token mobile app) with a request for a smart token. The customer approves the request and a smart token is generated with terms and conditions specific to the purchase. The PISP then presents the smart token to the customer’s bank (via the Token network) and requests funds to be transferred to the PISP customer's account. This initiates a payment from the payer’s bank to the merchant’s bank using the underlying push payment rail (e.g. FPS in the U.K., or SCT in the EU).



Register as a PISP

The European Banking Authority requires that you are a registered Payment Initiation Service Provider. Visit the 'competent authority' in your Member State for more details.


Connect with TokenOS

Register is as easy as making an API call using our SDK. This will onboard you and create your private/public keypair.


Integrate with your payment gateway

Add the Token payment option to your gateway offering



Make sure to test your integration. First in a sandbox environment and then with a few select customers.


Go Live!

Roll out the service to your entire customer base.

Schedule a personal demo

One of our friendly staff members will schedule a demonstration with you immediately.