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Technical Questions

Do you have a sandbox that I can test with?

Yes, Token has a full sandbox with model banks for you to test your integration against. In the initial setup steps, point your SDK client to connect to our SANDBOX environment. We recommend you start out with Wood Bank (United Kingdom), contact us to learn more about the other banks we have available.

Can I test against sandboxes hosted by real banks in your network?

When you have completed your integration and have successfully tested against Token’s model banks, you will be able to test with one of the directly integrated partner banks (pursuant to PSD2 regulations). For more details don’t hesitate to contact us.

Does Token offer categorization options for retrieving transaction history?

Token does not currently offer categorization; we expect to offer this service in the future.

How do I notify Token of questions or issues I’m encountering?

You can contact us at our Support Desk to raise a ticket, and we'll come back to you as soon as we can.

Is my information secure with Token?

Yes. Token uses PKI-based (Public Key Infrastructure) digital signatures so your information is safe and secure. This is security for all, not just AIS.

What SDK version do I need?

To use the Token Java SDK you will need Java Development Kit (JDK) version 8 or later.

The JavaScript SDK builds code usable in Node.js or (via a build tool like webpack or browserify) in the browser. It uses ES7, but builds code usable in ES6. Token requires a recent version of npm and yarn to build.

The SDK is based on C# 7.0. The target framework is .Net Framework 4.5.1. The package can be found on Nuget.

Do you have an example customer experience?

Yes you can view our customer experience in the Developer Portal.

How do I raise a ticket?

You can raise a support ticket here about Integration, Support, General requests or TPP Onboarding.

Do I need to have an AISP (account information service provider) or PISP (payment initiation service provider) license to use your service?

No, Token has obtained AISP and PISP approval by the FCA in the UK and passported across Europe. Please note than if you require AIS functionality you may be required to be registered as an agent of Token via the FCA. We will assist you with any required formalities please contact us for further information.

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