Token X™

Smarter payments with stablecoins

Token X is the first stablecoin designed for payments. Consumers, banks and businesses can capitalise on distributed ledger functionality with a regulatory compliant solution and no exposure to market volatility.

Token X is the only stablecoin that combines high security and usability to deliver low cost, instant payment execution.

Need a cross-border payments solution?

You're in the right place.

  • Banks

    Deliver lower cost, faster cross-border payments with transparency using digital money on distributed ledger technology

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  • Businesses

    Offer customers lower cost, faster payments with price stability to improve cash flow management

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  • Consumers

    Use for payments on exchanges and make low-cost, instant peer-to-peer or cross-border payments to anyone around the world

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Scalable and secure stablecoin

Token X is backed 1:1 by fiat money and independently audited to confirm that assets in escrow match the outstanding stablecoins. Token X is ledger agnostic and currently runs on Stellar and Ethereum. All major currencies are supported.

All parties purchasing and redeeming the stablecoin must pass the KYC process. Transactions are screened for AML and sanctions.

How it Works

Unlike other stablecoins, which only offer store of value or trading solutions, Token X allows users to make low cost, instant payments around the world. The platform supports use cases ranging from peer-to-peer to cross-border invoice payments.

Token X supports all major currencies on Stellar and Ethereum and transferring money instantly, even between currencies, is made easy with a simple three-step process to make payments via web or mobile apps.

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