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Execute lower cost, faster cross-border payments

Tokenโ€™s stablecoin platform gives banks the account controls and transaction transparency they need to capitalise on digital money. Token X delivers all the benefits of a fully compliant payment solution and removes the risk of exposure to market volatility.

Using tokens backed by fiat currency, cross-border payments become frictionless, low cost and instant for both consumers and businesses with simple, open APIs.

Leverage the latest innovation now

Tokenโ€™s platform provides banks with instant settlement through a unique dual ledger architecture. Token X is ledger agnostic and works with Stellar, Ethereum and a proprietary, private, high-speed ledger.

Combining cutting edge technology with an extensible and interoperable REST API interface, banks can now deploy quick solutions for both intra- and inter-bank transfers.

How it Works

Banks are issuers of the federated Token X stablecoin. A corporate customer of Bank A purchases stablecoin and then pays their supplier, a customer of Bank B, in stablecoin. The supplier may redeem the stablecoin for fiat money by presenting the stablecoin to Bank B.

Settlement between Bank A and Bank B occurs on a shared ledger.

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