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Decrease settlement cycles and drive revenue

Whether you are selling goods or services online to consumers or other businesses, receiving cross-border payments on time is critical to managing cash flow. Token X gives businesses and their customers the payment tools to execute lower cost, instant transactions that provide better visibility of money moving in and out.

No more long settlement cycles, sales on credit, unpaid invoices, or the risk of lost information for businesses, and customers benefit from a real-time view of their own accounts.

Cross-border payments solved

Using tokens backed by fiat currency on deposits, cross-border payments become frictionless, low cost and instant for both consumers and businesses with simple, open APIs.

As a bridge between fiat and digital currency, Token provides a complete solution with money in/out via ACH and wire when buying and redeeming Token X stablecoin. It doesnโ€™t matter what business you are in, you can take advantage of the benefits of digital money today.

How it Works

Businesses can leverage Tokenโ€™s APIs to create accounts, transactions for buying and selling Token X stablecoin, and send stablecoin between different accounts. With Token X APIs, businesses can capitalise on the benefits of using a stablecoin as a cheaper and faster payment medium.

Let’s talk

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