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Use for trading on exchanges and make instant payments

Unlike other stablecoins, which only offer store of value or trading solutions, Token X allows users to make low cost, instant payments around the world. The platform supports use cases ranging from peer-to-peer to cross-border invoice payments.

Cross-border payments solved

Token X supports the majour currencies on Stellar and Ethereum and transferring money instantly, even between currencies, is made easy with a simple 3-step process make payments via web or mobile apps.

Using tokens backed by fiat currency on deposit at banks, cross-border payments become frictionless, low cost and instant.

How it Works

To purchase Token X stablecoin, deposit fiat money with an issuer who then sends the stablecoin to a public blockchain address. To redeem stablecoin for deposit, the process is reverse - send the stablecoin to the issuer who then sends fiat money to a bank account. These steps are simplified to a few clicks using the Token X web app, or mobile app.

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