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27 Apr 2020

Token Dashboard now available

If you are a merchant or a payment service provider reselling to merchants, quick and smooth onboarding is a top priority for us and today we’re announcing that our new feature-rich portal is available in beta release. Token Dashboard streamlines the end-to-end process from registration, to integration of code and launching in production. You will have dynamic discovery and testability features for REST API’s allowing rapid development of your services and once you launch your service with us, the portal will also be where you manage and monitor your account.

Our aim is to get you up and running quickly with a simple sign-up process, so you can:

  • Connect to your customer’s choice of bank across Europe
  • Access relevant data
  • Initiate payments at any time from anywhere
  • View transaction activity and health of service

We just need a few simple pieces of information to get started, including; name, email address, bank integration plans and an indication of whether you will be using Token’s FCA licence or you have your own eIDAS and either PISP or AISP licence. Once the fast signup process is complete, you have the option to request access to sandbox demo bank environments, where you can test authentication, connection, error handling, various payment and data exchange flow scenarios and activate the path to production.


Once in production, you can connect to thousands of financial institutions across Europe through a single API for payments and data. Whether you are looking for single immediate, cross border, recurring, future dated or bulk payments, with our instant settlement we can support your payment initiation needs. We also provide account and transaction data retrieval from all account types covered under the current PSD2 regulation, including current and savings accounts.

Token Dashboard offers a range of features, consolidating all management and reporting functions in one place. Specification of your destination bank account will be available if you use Token for payment initiation and our reporting feature allows you to monitor customer adoption and activity, and create trend reports. You can also build and configure your own dashboard and track the status of your integration, including a list of available bank connections, strength of API health and levels of transaction activity.


We recognise that multiple people in an organisation may need access to the portal, which is why we’ve ensured that you can configure and differentiate roles, such as admin, sales, support and developer.


Our beta release currently supports merchants who want to leverage Token’s FCA licence, and our next release will extend the onboarding experience to those using their own licence (who are themselves the principal regulated entity). In addition to the features highlighted, the next release will also enable merchants using their own licence to manage certificates through the dashboard and connect directly to the banks of their choice. In the meantime, we are onboarding merchants licensed in their own right through other means and encourage them to contact Token directly to start the registration process.

If you are already onboarded to the Token platform and transacting, the portal is where you will find information about your activity. Whilst the portal details alternate integration mechanisms, there is no need for you to re-integrate. Get in touch with the team today to get started.

We encourage everyone who wants to leverage Token’s FCA licence to start the onboarding process today via Token Dashboard so you can start lowering your payment processing costs and make smarter data-powered decisions.