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20 Oct 2021

Token is Headline Partner for Open Banking Expo 2021

Jess Gerrow

VP Marketing

We are delighted to be Headline Partners of the 2021 Open Banking Expo UK!

On 4 November, leaders and experts from across financial services, including the UK’s largest banks, fintechs, credit card and payments providers, business lenders and regulators, will convene at London’s Business Design Centre. Over 80 speakers across four stages will share lessons learnt from the initial Open Banking implementation journey, insights into the future of the industry, as well as what is required for continued adoption of Open Banking and Open Finance across the globe.

To say we’re excited to reunite the UK’s Open Finance and Open Banking communities is an understatement. It’s been 18 months since we gathered in person at the last Open Banking Expo — and what a tremendous period of growth this has been for Open Banking and account-to-account payments!

What's on the agenda?

The Expo is set to deliver insightful and engaging sessions, and one of the first among them is “Driving the Shift: Open Banking Payments in High Gear," presented by Token’s CEO Todd Clyde. With open banking payments growing by 295% in the UK in the past year, the momentum propelling Open Banking payments to the mainstream is now simply unstoppable. In this session, Todd will weigh in on how we got here, what remaining headwinds the open payments industry faces, and what signals point to account-to-account payments' next tipping point in the UK — and beyond.

Powerhouse panel debates will also bring a range of voices to the conversation throughout the day. On the Payments Stage, Hayley Viner (Products Lead, UK payments, ClearBank), Holly Coventry (Head of Pay with Bank Transfer, American Express), Ketan Thanki (Digital & Unified Commerce Solutions Product Manager, Global Payments), Luke Flomo (Chief Revenue Officer, Vyne) and Tim Renew (Chief Revenue Officer, Banked) are set to join Todd Clyde as he moderates the debate: “Are Open Banking payments at a tipping point?”

In this panel debate, I am keen to hear the perspectives of existing payment providers on their own Open Banking payments journeys and whether they foresee a similar trajectory for open payments. I also hope to debate whether we need regulators to step in to address the remaining barriers to Open Banking payments becoming a mainstream form of payment in the UK and Europe, or whether the free market will do so.

Todd Clyde • CEO, Token

Getting back to our social best

Between sessions and debates, look for Team Token at our booth in the exhibition hall. We’re a friendly bunch and looking forward to having a chat with you.

What else can Expo attendees expect? Plenty of elbow bumps at the Expo’s cafe and lounge, to be sure — as well as the serendipitous run-in’s we’ve all been missing these past few years at the after-party!

Join us this 4 November in London to explore how far we have come on the Open Banking journey, and what the next leg of this journey will bring.

Learn more about the event, agenda and speakers.