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16 Sep 2021

New Survey Report on Variable Recurring Payments and Sweeping

Jess Gerrow

VP Marketing

Token presents a new survey report on Variable Recurring Payments (VRPs) and Sweeping, featuring key data and insights from over 55 senior open banking and payments professionals.

A glimpse into this report:

  • Discover the three most compelling use cases for VRPs, according to senior open banking and payments professionals
  • Learn what portion of merchants will support VRPs, and how many will actively seek to convert card-on-file scheduled payments to recurring bank transfers
  • Understand why VRPs and sweeping are poised to make finance smarter

Survey Report

Variable Recurring Payments & Sweeping


Variable Recurring Payments & Sweeping

The green light for the OBIE to mandate sweeping through VRPs marked a massive milestone for A2A payments. Our research reveals VRPs are poised to ignite further explosive growth for open banking payments.

Todd Clyde • CEO, Token