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25 Jun 2021

Replay: Token at Viva Tech 2021

Together with Neil Pein (Global Head of Axepta at BNP Paribas) and Martina Weimert (CEO of EPI Interim), Token CEO Todd Clyde joins a panel on the Payments Revolution on stage at Viva Tech 2021, France's largest tech and startup event.

Todd speaks to Token's mission is to drive the shift from traditional payment methods to account to account payments, across e-commerce, in stores and in business-to-business transactions. A2A payments have momentum, and with open banking APIs, they are now reaching scale. In fact, Todd predicts that A2A payments will go from an alternative to a mainstream payment method in just three to five years.

Watch this Viva Tech panel replay to learn about Token's partnership with BNP Paribas to launch Instanea: the first online payment service in Europe to combine SEPA Instant with open banking APIs. BNP Paribas’ Instanea is now live in the market and supporting three different A2A payments use cases, namely loading a wallet, making an in-store payment, and e-commerce payments.